Hot Day at the Zoo

Catch more great moments from our Live Studio session with Bluegrass act Hot Day at the Zoo, including their live renditions of “South of the Storm,” “Country Girl” and “Stay a Little Longer.” The band also explains why if you ever catch them fighting amongst themselves, it’s not cause for concern. For all the songs played during this session and our full interview with the band, check out DJ Maia’s Live Studio podcast:

Hot Day at the Zoo combine Americana sounds like ragtime, folk and bluegrass with good old-fashioned jam-band rock  to produce a unique sound they’ve dubbed “zoograss.” Which is also the name of the band’s third album, released last year. For this Live Studio session, the quartet (i.e., Jon Cumming, Michael Dion, Jed Rosen and JT Lawrence) keep it old school by performing around a single ribbon mic.

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Last night, as we closed shop after editing Live Studio, we found a treasure trove of amazing moments and footage that just didn’t make the cut. But we know you deserve the best, so we’re serving up seconds. We hope you saved a little room for Live Studio Scraps. Fridays on the new BreakThru Radio.

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