"Boom Boom Boom" by Hot Day at the Zoo

New England bluegrass band and cult favorites Hot Day at the Zoo join us live in the studio to perform “Boom Boom Boom” (sometimes also called “Sweet Baby”). Since their upcoming shows are taking place in various northern states (including a bluegrass blowout in Vermont), this video might be your best chance to catch their live act! For “Boom Boom Boom” and all the songs played during this session, check out DJ Maia’s Live Studio podcast: https://www.btrtoday.com/#/post/?blog=32&post=1611

Hot Day at the Zoo combine Americana sounds like ragtime, folk and bluegrass with good old-fashioned jam-band rock  to produce a unique sound they’ve dubbed “zoograss.” Which is also the name of the band’s third album, released last year. For this Live Studio session, the quartet (i.e., Jon Cumming, Michael Dion, Jed Rosen and JT Lawrence) keep it old school by performing around a single ribbon mic.

Read more: http://hotdayatthezoo.com/

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