Body Language

Body Language is a Brooklyn foursome — though with the addition of that all-too-important 5th member, Computer, the band members’ names conveniently spell out M-A-G-I-C, an appropriate description for the particular way all their moving parts work together. The keyboard, glockenspiel, shared vocal harmonies, and percussion-driven tunes they create have just the right touches of rock, soul, funk, r&b, and dance to make a fresh blend of pop music. The band stopped by to play their new single, talk about being mistaken for body language (as in the form of non-verbal communication) on Facebook, and more.

Featured song: “Well Absolutely”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Grammar, the new album by Body Language will be available September 10.

Official website for Body Language:
Twitter: @body_language

Upcoming Tour dates:
08/01 @ Bowery Ballroom in NYC

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