Friend Roulette

Brooklyn band Friend Roulette’s name alone brings to mind a very particular image: a group of friends hanging out, swapping stories and instruments, stringing together fun, lively tunes into a huge, beautiful racket. With six members and some of the most unusual instrumentation going (counting two drum sets, violin, bass clarinet, and ewi — that’s an electronic wind instrument for the curious — among its arsenal) plus the occasional addition of a string quartet, this is a concoction truly deserving of being described as dreamy chamber pop. Don’t let the break with rock conventions scare you, though; this is catchy, accessible, lively music that’ll grab any listener and hold on tight.

Featured song: “I Guess”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Friend Roulette’s latest release, I’m Sorry You Hit Your Head, is now available.

Official website for Friend Roulette:
Twitter: @FriendRoulettez

Upcoming tour dates:
07/21 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn, NY
08/15 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn, NY
08/16 @ Dreamhouse in Philadelphia, PA

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