Dana Falconberry

Dana Falconberry — a Michigan native currently based in Austin, TX, whose songwriting is distinctly inspired by visual art, books, and film — has come a long way from her early days studying classical ballet and modern dance. Her early recordings relied on a sparse and delicate touch, but, with her latest release, she brings on orchestration from a six-piece band to expand on her nostalgia-laden, orchestral pop-folk. Taking lyrical inspiration from idyllic childhood retreats to Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, the band gives life to Falconberry’s stripped-down songs inspired by dreams, memories, and landscapes both real and imagined.

Featured song: “Please Sparrow”

Leelanau, Dana Falconberry’s newest release, is now available from Antenna Farm Records.

Complete broadcast and radio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/17T5rqP

Official website for Dana Falconberry: http://danafalconberry.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/danafalconberry
Twitter: @danafalconberry

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