Brooklyn post-punk trio Fan-Tan began in 2007 when Ryan Lee and Sandee K moved from Chapel Hill, NC, to Brooklyn, NY, and solidified when they met drummer Mike Sherburn while on the road to SXSW in 2011. Drawing on the best of shoegaze and post-punk to create a long-developing sound that’s both pleasantly sprawling and jagged, Fan-Tan are now releasing their debut LP.

Featured song: “Everything Will Be Fine”

A Strange Game will be released April 2 on Goodnight Records

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Twitter: @fantanmusic

Upcoming tour dates:
3/24 @ 9th & Beats in Washinton, DC
3/28 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY
4/10 @ Bowery Electric in New York, NY
4/19 @ Muchmores in Brooklyn, NY