Endless Jags

Endless Jags is a Portland, Maine-based rock band, comprised of members of Brenda, Gully, Foam Castles, Haru Bangs, Jaw Gems, Astronautalis, and more. With jangly guitars, dual lead singers, killer pop melodies, and a uniquely collaborative approach to songwriting, they’ve quickly made a name for this group with potential to eclipse even their existing — and well-established — other groups. The guys stopped by the studio on a recent tour to play some songs, and to chat with guest host Bryan Bruchman (of Portland music blog, HillyTown, and BTRtv) about their songwriting process, and how they’re not a supergroup, despite being a pretty super group.

Featured song: “Endless Jags”

The Endless Jags EP is available now.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://b-t-r.co/WUY2yR

Official website for Endless Jags: http://endlessjags.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/endlessjags
Twitter: @endlessjags

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