Slam Donahue

Originating in what they call “a small town with no future and one stoplight,” Slam Donahue felt they had to move to NYC. Focusing on songwriting and their devotion to melody, the band signed to Cantora Records and just kept on writing, winning critical praise and an ever-growing audience. The songwriting team of David Otto and Thomas Sommerville have developed a style of anthemic pop inspired equally by Bowie and the Beatles that has a way of tricking a listener into singing along before they even know the words. Relatable lyrics, familiar chords progressions, and a heavy helping of oohs and aahs make it all work nicely. For this episode of BTR Live Studio, the band left their comfort zone, performing with just an acoustic guitar and piano, and telling stories about the dangers of speedballs, making friends at SXSW, and the culture shock of moving to NYC.

Featured song: “Tent”

Slam Donahue’s Hemlock Tea EP is available now from Cantora Records.

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Twitter: @slamdonahue

Upcoming tour dates:
2/8 @ The Rathskellar in Ewing, NJ
2/26 @ Pianos in NYC
3/9 @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY

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