Lost Boy?

Lost Boy? began as NY musician Davey Jones issuing forth DIY releases and free downloads with titles and artwork playing on pop culture, featuring songs that explore familiar territory — invoking the attack of The Fall, the voice and unfiltered honesty of Daniel Johnston, the clever tunefulness of REM, the noise of Dinosaur Jr, and the bashing of early Nirvana. But, these days, Jones is joined by a full band, bringing new life to his lo-fi jams. Currently wrapping up a new album due in the Spring of 2013, the quartet has been honing their live shows and reworking some of the Lost Boy? back catalog to take advantage of a richer recorded sound that better represents the live experience. Of course, if their BTR Live Studio session is anything to go by, the live experience includes a lot of bouncing and smiling, and we wonder how they’ll record that.

Featured song: “Revenge Song”

Lost Boy?’s Air Jordan EP, “Surf’s Down” single, and more are available as free downloads on Bandcamp.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://b-t-r.co/QOvstU

Lost Boy?’s official website: http://lostboy.us/
Bandcamp: http://lostboy.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lostboyinc
Twitter: @lofihigh

Upcoming tour dates:
11/5 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY
11/8 @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY
11/11 @ Festy Fest in Augusta, GA
11/16 @ Twisted Shamrock in Babylon, NY
11/24 @ Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, NY

About BTR Live Studio:
BTR Live Studio features a mix of breaking and established musicians playing exclusive sets in our studios, then sitting down for a chat with host Maia Macdonald. Maia is a musician and DJ who’s been involved with the music scene for a number of years and has a knack for asking the questions that musicians actually enjoy answering. Watch more episodes of BTR Live Studio on our Blip page: http://blip.tv/btrlivestudio