Lightning Love

Lightning Love are an indie pop trio from Ypsilanti, Michigan. The band began with Leah Diehl’s solo demos of voice and piano, and was later fleshed out to a fuller sound with the help of her brother Aaron on drums and guitarist Ben Collins. Using simple pop structures as a basis for strong, confessional songs with a sweet, self-deprecating tone (sure, call it twee if you must) has worked well for the band, leading to extensive touring and growing national attention.

Featured song: “I Know”

Blonde Album is available now from Quite Scientific Records

Complete radio broadcast and playlist:

Official website:
Twitter: @lightninglove

Upcoming tour dates:
10/6 @ Masonic Temple in Bay City, MI
10/18 @ Cake Shop in NYC
10/19 @ Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn
10/26 @ Hope College in Holland, MI

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