Hector's Pets

Here’s what you need to know about Hector’s Pets: this rag tag band of rocker dudes could totally play the house party of your dreams, and decked out in shorts, hawaiian shirts, leather jackets, and shades, they totally look the part as much as they sound it. The guys also happen to have great “pet” nicknames, and in this interview they managed to do the unthinkable and push Travis to the limits of his comfort levels with ass talk. But wait, we’re getting distracted here (appropriately). Think garage rock n’ roll with serious pop undertones, bolstered by the presence of a tambo man (always a plus in our book).

Featured song: “Station Wagon”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/153nXel

Hector’s Pets on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/hectors-pets
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hectors-Pets/235074376520305
Twitter: @hectorspets

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