Berlin-based trio Fenster play charming chamber-pop. Despite eerie stories of graveyards and ghosts, their songs are minimalistic and calming, marked by their sparse, soft-spoken tenderness. The band also has its fair share of sweeping, climactic moments often accentuated by an assortment of sounds like rattling tambourines and emphatic handclaps. Here, they even use our studios’ sprinklers as an instrument.

Featured song: “Fisherman”

Bones, the debut album by Fenster, is out via Morr Music.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/JNpxSe

Official website: http://fenster.bandcamp.com

Upcoming tour dates:
4/26 @ Bikini Test in La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland
4/27 @ Nordportal in Baden, Switzerland
4/28 @ Bad Bonn in Dudingen, Switzerland
4/30 @ Bar Des Tilleuls in Annecy, France
5/2 @ Le Sonic in Lyon, France
5/3 @ La Cour Des Miracles in Besancon, France
5/4 @ L’Espace B in Paris, France

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