PWR BTTM is the New York-based queer punk duo of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. Switching off between drums and guitar, the band's latest release examines their experiences with queerness, gender, and adulthood while living upstate. Full of fun, fuzz, catchy melodies, and extreme finger-tapping, their songs are just too good to not love. They stopped by Serious Business to rock out, share some stories of songs, and to give Maia a fabulous makeover.
Julien Baker is from Memphis, Tennessee, and currently in school at MTSU. Regionally, she may be better known as a member of the punk-influenced indie band, Forrister, though in recent months her solo work has caught the attention of the national music press. What makes her stuff stick -- beyond an undeniably great voice -- is the way she effortlessly spins heart-wrenching, brutally honest, confessional lyrics over sweetly melodic, looped guitar. Without much more than a few songs floating around to hear, she's managed to captivate more than a few new fans, ahead of the release of her full recorded debut. She stopped by Serious Business Music to play a few songs and chat with Maia about her upcoming plans for both her solo work and band.
As a Chasidic, all-female, alt rock band from Crown Heights, Bulletproof Stockings stand out from the crowded Brooklyn music scene, and they've drawn considerable attention for their music, as well as their female-only rule for audiences. Musically, they manage to blast out heavy rock with the unconventional instrumentation of drums, piano, cello, and violin -- without an electric guitar in sight. The quartet stopped by the new Serious Business Music in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia about their music.
Donovan Wolfington is apparently a person. He's out there somewhere, but that's a story for another day... This is about the band from New Orleans who borrowed his name: four guys making poppy punk rock, with some heavy parts and some happy parts and some sad parts. They didn't name their album How to Treat the Ones You Love by happenstance. It serves as an exploration of their own lives' difficulties and lessons, and an honest, literate way to attempt to be a slightly less terrible person in a not-always-so-great world.
Although Lena Fayre is a young artist, she's already released an EP and two LPs, as well as had her music included in the hit tv show The Vampire Diaries. Where does that leave the 19-year-old Los Angeles-based indie pop singer? Looking towards the future, following her album full of post-relationship melancholy and beautiful songs. Her style is really about as flawless as it gets, with perfectly composed and arranged tunes to back up every bit of the hype. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play a few, and to share the story behind her album's concept and cover art.
Dilly Dally is a Toronto-based band who descended upon NYC during the CMJ Music Marathon seemingly on a mission to destroy everything in their way -- appropriate for a group whose website features an old school post-apocalyptic fighting video game. The band's core members, Katie Monks and Liz Ball, have a long history of making music together, inspired by the dynamics of the Pixies, heavy darkness of Nirvana, noise of Sonic Youth, and the arty thrash of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A tight band with catchy, powerful songs (not to mention Monks' memorable vocal style), Dilly Dally is a long time in the making and set to make an impact. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to tear through some songs and chat with Maia.
Des Ark is the name of Aimée Argote's long-running musical project. Based in North Carolina, the band has taken many forms, but has always been guided by the focused and hauntingly beautiful words and music of Argote, from hushed tones to roaring rockers. Des Ark stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some of their latest songs -- which happened to have some of the most colorful titles we've seen in a while -- and to chat with Maia about where the music comes from and how it's heard.
Liz Vice is a musician from Portland, Oregon. With a soulful voice and love of storytelling, her jazz-tinged tunes are infused with a spirituality and warmth that recalls classic gospel. Liz stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO on a recent visit to NYC to play some music and chat with Maia.
Frogbelly and Symphony is an international band, splitting its time between Sheffield, UK, and Brooklyn, NY. Members Liz and Tom Hanley, Ben Trott, and Ray Rizzo come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, bringing in a world of influences to their finely executed experimental tunes. The influence of traditional folk music and poetry is evident, but the prog and post-punk vibes can't be ignored either. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to mesmerize us with some of their swirling jams, and to chat with Maia about the origins of their complex work.