Songwriter Matt Bauer was born in Kentucky — though he recently lived in Brooklyn and currently calls Austin home — and the music of the region makes itself apparent in his work. Drawing on traditional mountain music, bluegrass, and folk, his songs tell carefully crafted tales with heavy tones and fantastically crafted orchestration.
The music of Xenia Rubinos is uniquely dependent on beats in a big way; drummer Marco Buccelli contributes much more than just your standard percussion, crafting entire soundscapes from a mish-mash of drums and effects, tirelessly modified and honed into one of the most impressive music-making machines we’ve had the pleasure of seeing in action. Xenia, herself, is a force to be reckoned with, culling enormous vocal power into dramatic tunes that she propels through her keyboard. Somehow, these two have tapped into a deep well of energy and passion that pleasantly comes across in every move they make.
Arms is a project led by former Harlem Shakes guitarist Todd Goldstein. Now in its ninth year and having undergone personnel and stylistic changes, it continues to revolve around Todd’s songwriting alter-ego. On record, Arms has evolved from its lo-fi roots into a fully-realized — though still-developing — pop music venture.
The London-based quartet of Roxanne Clifford, drummer Patrick Doyle, guitarist James Hoare, and bassist Marion Herbain make up Veronica Falls, an often misunderstood pop band. The gothic elements of their pretty, pristine pop songs have often overshadowed the band’s pure musical prowess. These days, they seem to be dead set on reclaiming their reputation — shedding their morbid roots, maturing and proving themselves to be a fully-formed indie guitar pop act. They’re not just talking about death and sadness, but rather the more existential matters of a fading twenty-something existence, something we’re sure their audience can relate to.
Songwriter Sam Cohen — previously of the band Apollo Sunshine — has been developing his psych-pop style for years now, gaining a strong following along the way. The band features Josh Kaufman, Brian Kantor, and Annie Nero, all friends and regulars of the Serious Business world whom play in such bands as Rocketship Park, Higgins, the Bandana Splits, and Balthrop, Alabama, among others. With this illustrious company, Cohen’s sunny, timeless pop songs attain an outsize, cinematic quality that easily conjures vivid imagery.
Isaac Delusion are three Paris-based multidisciplinary artists, on a mission to explore the movement of light through their musical world. An evolving experiment, they continually seek to explore new musical landscapes through simple, sweet pop songs, catchy beats, and touches of hip hop loops, electronics, and dreamy folk. Their work has allowed them to tour internationally, playing festivals around the world
Clementine & The Galaxy is the NYC-based duo of vocalist Julie Hardy and producer Mike MacAllister. Sparked by a commercial project collaboration between the two experienced musicians, the pair bring together their vastly different styles to craft a unique sound with soaring vocals and glam-tinged electronic pop.
Ryan McPhun is the driving force of The Ruby Suns. Previously seen behind the drums with Aussie group Architecture in Helsinki and Kiwi singer Lawrence Arabia, this California native via Oslo, Norway, headed to New York to craft his latest record into a flawless piece of hi-fi pop with the help of engineer Chris Coady (Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Gang Gang Dance). A breakup record at heart and a pop record through and through, this is music for headphones, dance parties, and everything in between.
Brooklyn post-punk trio Fan-Tan began in 2007 when Ryan Lee and Sandee K moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Brooklyn, NY, and solidified when they met drummer Mike Sherburn while on the road to SXSW in 2011. Drawing on the best of shoegaze and post-punk to create a long-developing sound that’s both sprawling and jagged, Fan-Tan are finally ready to take off with their debut LP.