The Aviation Orange is a Brooklyn-based quintet with significant praise and experience for a relatively young group. With dueling male-and-female vocals, the band approaches their indie synth-pop with startling musical precision, building a sound that references the past yet still sounds modern. Fresh off the July release of the digital album, However Wild, the group plans to head back into the studio this fall, and shares some of those new songs with us for the first time in this episode of BTR Live Studio.
Having been a part of several popular bands while living in his home country of New Zealand, James Milne has years of experience when it comes to music-making and performance. Lawrence Arabia, Milne’s solo project, was born in 2006 and has been well received since, winning a 2009 APRA Silver Scroll Award — New Zealand’s most prestigious songwriting award. The Sparrow, mainly inspired and written throughout 2010, was released this past July. While on tour, featuring stops in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, Lawrence Arabia stopped into our studio to share a bit about his new album.
Brooklyn duo Cultfever created a world of their own for the songs on their self-titled debut album. Drawing on elements of classic indie rock and pop, their genre-jumping style makes for a satisfying mix of dynamic story songs and unconventional soundscapes. Stopping by to chat with Maia for this episode of Live Studio, Cultfever — performing here as a four-piece — shares some songs and a little about the making of their moody music video for “Knewyouwell.”
Hailing from New Jersey, The Static Jacks are a poppy garage punk band that have been together since 2007. After the release of their first album, the group decided they needed to take a different approach to production and began recording in a converted storage unit in Jersey City. The resulting sophomore album is exactly what the band hoped to achieve — a sound that is, according to the band, “spontaneous but polished.” The guys stopped by the studio to chat with Maia about Spray Tan and play a few songs.
Il Abanico originated as a duo in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2010 before moving north and ultimately landing in Brooklyn in 2012. Centered around the manipulated vocals of Juliana Ronderos and guitar melodies of Nicolás Losada, this 5-piece band draws on a diverse world of influences to create wholly original, experimental pop music. Performing here, on BTR Live Studio, Il Abanico shares a few new songs and talks about the differences between the Colombian and American music scenes.
Shenandoah and the Night is a four piece ensemble from Brooklyn who, with their haunting melodies and attraction to minors keys, have been described as “moody pop” and “pop noir.” Currently preparing for the release of their second full length album, the group stopped by for a session of BTR Live Studio to discuss the making of their new record and the shift in their music as of late.
Katie Dill is currently one half of the music project Mean Lady, but has also been performing and recording her own music for years. Influenced by artists that range from Ella Fitzgerald to The Beach Boys and Bob Marley, Katie has written and recorded hundreds of songs, often folky tunes played on a range of instruments such as piano, banjo, ukulele and omnichord. In this episode of BTR Live Studio, Katie shares a couple of new songs, as well as a solo version of Mean Lady’s “Far Away, played on piano, and discusses some of the inspiration behind her many songs.
After a musical hiatus following the disbanding of DeYarmond Edison, Chris Porterfield is making music again with his new project, Field Report. Garnering attention from Billboard, Paste, and Pitchfork, the music of Field Report has been described as thoughtful, smart, and intimate. In this session of BTR Live Studio, we catch up with the band, on tour with Counting Crows, and hear a little about Porterfield’s journey from DeYarmond Edison until now.
Dusted consists of Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) and Leon Taheny (Final Fantasy, Rituals, Bruce Peninsula). The duo plays to their strengths and longtime experience to overcome some of the usual difficulties of a two man band, producing a sound that is richly fleshed out. Their recently released album, Total Dust, is described by Brian as a sort of collage of songs that came together over time and in between touring. Dusted stopped by our studio to talk with Maia about their new album and share a few songs.