BTR Live Studio
They're a band you don't want to miss, and in case you did, here's another shot. Listen to Hank & Cupcakes perform "Ain't No Love" and "Jimmy" at Serious Business Studios in New York City. Funky, fun, and friendly, their sound is contagious.
We know you wanted more. Here's the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Levek. Listen to the band talk about how they transformed from a solo act to tacking on six members, along with snippets of more of their great music.
See Levek perform "Dream Entry No. 1," live in our studio. Levek can be said to be creating a genre in itself and this song will give you a taste of just what you've been craving - something new.
For this episode of Live Studio Scraps, we diverge from our typical format to bring you a full take of "The Woods" by Jules Bee of Sea of Bees, performed live. Earlier in the week we presented Bee's song "Marmalade," but "The Woods" was just too good to get passed over. Enjoy!
Jules of Sea of Bees performs her song "Marmalade," from her debut album "Songs for the Ravens," with Amber Padgett, Allen Farmelo and Livia Ranalli, live in our studio. Jules and Amber also talk about their recent experiences touring through the UK and Europe.
Catch the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Gypsyblood, including the songs "Take Your Picture," "Superstition" and "Inner Blood." The Chicago band talks about their love/hate relationship and why creepy basement bars are just more fun.
Chicago's Gypsyblood know how to rock. Watch them perform "2-4-6 in the Dark" from their debut album "Cold in the Guestway" live in our studio.
Catch more great moments from our Live Studio session with Bluegrass act Hot Day at the Zoo, including their live renditions of "South of the Storm," "Country Girl" and "Stay a Little Longer." The band also explains why if you ever catch them fighting amongst themselves, it's not cause for concern.
New England bluegrass band and cult favorites Hot Day at the Zoo join us live in the studio to perform "Boom Boom Boom" (sometimes also called "Sweet Baby"). Since their upcoming shows are taking place in various northern states (including a bluegrass blowout in Vermont), this video might be your best chance to catch their live act!