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Prolific producer and songwriter Felicia Douglass is a fierce musical talent, whom you may recognize from her solo project or her work with Gemma, Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna, Baile, and Lip Set. This spring she has collaborated with dozens of artists online, found ways to keep moving while inside, and released several new tracks. This June, she’ll be the featured vocalist on Dirty Projectors new EP, Flight Tower. She recently invited us inside her Brooklyn home for a performance in her music room, along with a conversation with Maia Macdonald. “Ready For Your Miracle” (Felicia Douglass) and “Lose Your Love” (Dirty Projectors) are available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Shana Falana is one of our favorite dream-pop artists - currently based in Kingston, New York. Shana and Michael Amari explore darkness and light in their almost-meditative songs, which are illuminated by dazzling visual projections at live shows. During quarantine, Shana brought us into her home and daily life to give us a look at what’s happening in her world while live music isn’t happening. Music: "Go Higher" by Shana Falana Darkest Light is available now from Arrowhawk Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Shamir is Shamir is Shamir. Nothing more really needs to be said. A singular voice and chameleon-like talent across mediums, sliding thru music genres and aesthetics - from pop beginnings to “indie rock Shamir” - he’s been thru it all, and puts his whole heart into every single release. Here, Shamir shares an raw, intimate acoustic performance from his home in Philadelphia. “I Wonder” is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
MUSIC | Musicians play exclusive sets and chat with our hosts, veterans of their respective music communities.
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In this episode, rapper Thunny Brown takes it to Brownsville for a raw performance!
John Jigg$ is a talented artist from Long island, New York, whose family’s love of music set him on the path that led to his hard work on the hip-hop circuit. Here he delivers a spot-on performance from home.
A Day Without Love is the musical project of Philadelphia-based artist Brian Walker, operating under the mantra of “Telling the truth through pain and storytelling.” Besides writing and performing music, Brian creates podcasts, is active on social media, and has a documentary film in the works. His catalog of releases runs deep, and is pretty varied stylistically, though often leaning towards acoustic indie folk with hints of punk experimentation. Here, A Day Without Love delivers a raw, solo performance for BTR Live Studio at Home. Mega Jawn is the latest release from A Day Without Love. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview. In addition to the links below, you can support A Day Without Love on Patreon.
Gold Connections is the project of Will Marsh - currently based in Richmond, Virginia. A bit of a prolific songwriter, Marsh has released several albums and singles under the name, and recently took on self-producing - which is sure to keep the momentum going. Here, the band - as the trio of Will Marsh (guitar/vocal), Ryan Lipps (guitar), and Stephan LaRue (tambourine) - shares an exclusive remote performance! Ammunition EP is available now. Watch the video for "Stick Figures" and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Beau Jennings is a songwriter based in Norman, Oklahoma, whose career brought him to Brooklyn to lead the band Cheyenne, before shifting focus to work under his own name. Here, he performs a raw, intimate selection from his home, for BTR Live Studio at Home.
A Very Special Episode is a New York City post-punk band featuring Kasey Heisler (vocals, bass), Patrick Porter (guitar), and Chayse Schutter (drums).