“Miracle Man” by Bird Call

Bird Call is a NYC-based musical project founded by singer and musician Chiara Angelicola. Featuring synthesizers and heavily-yet-pleasantly processed vocals, their music covers a wide range of emotional territory through vulnerable lyrics and an experimental look towards the future; aliens, the planets, and a whole world of questions can be found inside. Here, the band performs at a popsicle party for an audience of children and their families at a daycare in Brooklyn, NY.

Featured song: “Miracle Man”

Bird Call’s debut LP, Will We Get To Mars, is currently in production.

Official website for Bird Call: http://birdcallmusic.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/BirdCallMusicMusic
Twitter: @BirdCallMusic

Upcoming tour dates:
4/25 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn, NY

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