"Stacking Cards" by Elaphant

This Brooklyn band (normally a quintet but performing here as a duo) works in the realm of anthemic, folk-inspired rock n’ roll. At times, there’s a Dylanesque quality that takes a turn towards Springsteen territory for the choruses, while other times the band heads more for something in the realm of Radiohead, walking the fine line between ambient textures and epic pop. Grab a bouquet on the way in and a drink at the bar, and enjoy another take on Elaphant’s music in the intimate setting of Sycamore, a flower shop and bar in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Featured song: “Stacking Cards”

Elaphant’s debut EP is out now.

Official website for Elaphant: http://elaphanttheband.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/elaphant
Twitter: @elaphanttheband

Official website for Sycamore: http://www.sycamorebrooklyn.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sycamore.brooklyn
Twitter: @SycamoreBklyn

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