"Falling Down" by Pezzettino

Wisconsin-born Brooklyn transplant and self-proclaimed “video freak” Pezzettino steps in front of the Hear & There lens to perform “Falling Down” in the basement of Northeast Kingdom, a Bushwick eatery and favorite neighborhood haunt.

Pezzettino (aka Margaret Stutt) comes complete with a perfect artist’s origin story: after learning music growing up, she found that her life’s path was taking her elsewhere before a musical epiphany had her giving it all up and relocating to the Big Apple. Now immersed in Bushwick, Brooklyn’s artist friendly setting, the touching and self-exposing musical musings of Pezzettino take on a whole new level of charm and carry the attentive listener on a deeply personal journey. Couple that with a drive to constantly create and it’s easy to see why this “little square” is much larger than her name would suggest.

Read more: http://www.pezzettino.net

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