“A Message To You, Eddie” by MiniBoone

MiniBoone is a Brooklyn-based quartet that should be familiar to regular viewers of BTRtv. They make catchy, heart-wrenchingly honest tunes and, live, filter it through an explosive ball of energy with yelps, kicks, and impressive melodies and harmonies. We met up with the band at Unit J out in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where they played a song off their upcoming release, Bad Sports, due out 4/21 from Ernest Jenning Recording Co.

Featured song: “A Message To You, Eddie”

Official website for MiniBoone: http://miniboone.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/miniboone
Twitter: @miniboone

Facebook for Unit J: http://facebook.com/unitjbushwick

Upcoming tour dates:
04/15 @ Eyeclopes Studios in Fredericksburg, VA

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