A Deer A Horse

A Deer A Horse is a Brooklyn-based trio self-described as “urgent rock n’ roll.” Centered around the riveting songwriting and vocal delivery of singer/guitarist Rebecca Satellite and compounded by bassist Angela Phillips’ memorable punk-stomp stage antics, ADAH has been quietly bubbling up in the Brooklyn music scene over the last few years, making quite an impression at every turn. Musically, they do great things with space, leaving room for tension in nearly every song, before exploding in perfectly timed, cathartic movements that drive their songs ahead. Satellite goes from hyper-focused poetic lightning rod to manic carnival ringleader, directing the force of the trio throughout each song’s twists and turns. Here, they joined us in the studio to share some music and talk about what they’ve got coming up.

Featured song: “Mother Night” // Listen to the podcast with more music and interview:

A Deer A Horse are preparing to release a new 7” soon. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Upcoming tour dates:
5/22 @ Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY
5/27 @ Grand Victory in Brooklyn, NY

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