Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: Return to Maine

Aly Spaltro began her musical career in the back room of a DVD rental shop in Brunswick, Maine. Bart & Greg’s DVD Explosion was where she worked the night shift and spent her nights practicing, writing songs, and sometimes sleeping in her guitar case. She cut her teeth performing — solo, then as part of a duo, then solo again — in the state’s biggest city, Portland, before moving on to conquer Boston and NYC, ultimately landing in Brooklyn as a home base for her critically-acclaimed, internationally-touring project. To celebrate the March 2013 release of her debut full-length album as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, BTRtv and HillyTown joined Spaltro for a trip home to Maine to visit the town where she got her start and to unveil the new album with the help of a live band at SPACE Gallery.

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Ripely Pine, the latest release by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is now available from Ba Da Bing Records.

Official website for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper:
Twitter: @ladylambjams

Upcoming tour dates:
10/09 @ Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, UK
10/10 @ Sound & Vision Festival in Norwich, UK
10/12 @ Simple Things Festival in Bristol, UK
10/13 @ Portland Arms in Cambridge, UK
10/14 @ Hoxton Square B+K in London, UK
10/15 @ Sticky Mike’s in Brighton, UK
10/16 @ The Sugar Club in Dublin, Ireland

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