Month In Review: March 2012


BreakThruRadioTV’s Month In Review has it all!

Join host Chaz Mannenheim for an unbiased, unbridled look at yesterday’s top stories.

None of the pandering and foolhardiness of “network” news; Mannenheim becomes a fiery agitator as he gets to the meat of the GOP campaign bonanza, the viral sensation of Kony 2012, and the government sticking their face in women’s business! Manning and Tebow rile sports fans, Rush Limbaugh eats, and “Rooster” Santorum lays down the law!! THESE STORIES AND MORE FEATURED IN THIS JAM PACKED INSTALLMENT OF MONTH IN REVIEW!! And don’t forget to tune in next time for another edition of Month in
Review, right here on BreakThruRadioTV.

“I always calls ’em like I sees ’em” — Chaz Mannenheim

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