Year in Review: 2011

Are you feeling nostalgic? Forgetful? Or did you just wake up from a medically-induced coma? Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to catch up on some of 2011’s biggest news stories, look no further than BreakThruRadioTV! We’re pleased to bring you the YEAR IN REVIEW, highlighting the most scintillating, sensational, and downright seductive stories of the last 6 months! Well, 12, but who’s counting?

Join host Chaz Mannenheim for an unbiased, unbridled look at yesterday’s top stories. None of the pandering and drama of “network” news; Mannenheim’s elegant tongue transports you to the center of civil unrest, both at home and abroad. And speaking of broads, Casey Anthony and Kate Middleton (and Pippa!) are mentioned. Look into the closets of our sleaziest whistle-stoppers and into the heart of the American way.

And don’t forget to tune in next time for another edition of Month in Review, right here on BTR.

“I calls ’em like I sees ’em” –Chaz Mannenheim

Photo credits: Badgreeb Records, Bellyglad, Bob With, BRQ Network,, Gage Skidmore, Jessica Rinaldi, Joe Goldberg, John Trainor, Lee Haywood, Magharebia, Max DaVinci, Mike Kline, NASA Goddard Flight Center, Pablo Manriquez, Quinn Dombrowski, R.B. Boyer, Seth Werkheiser, Thomas Good (Next Left Notes), Tim Walker, Tom Hodkinson, Tony the Misfit, USCG Press,, Wikimedia Creative Commons

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