Tune Up
Tune Up is a feature tied to the In the Den podcast that offers a unique scope on burgeoning musicians. DJ Latola curates a list of promising artists that might have only one small bandcamp release, but a large amount of potential. In depth interviews provide a focused lens into the artist's influences, process, and background, allowing you to really tune in to their talent.
Recent Posts
BTR catches up with Adam Schatze, sax player for Vampire Weekend and Man Man, to chat about his indie-rock project Landlady.
BTR chats with Chris Chagnon, of Laughing Fingers, about what happens when the mind turns in on itself.
BTR talks some dope shit with North Carolina pop foursome drag ur world.
BTR catches up with sample master Lee to chat about getting drunk, jazz, and soul.
BTR catches up with Zac Little from Saintseneca to chat about The Cure, the Ohio music scene, and recording in an attic.
BTR sits down with the Philly-based beach pop rock band to discuss Britney Spears and their latest single.