The Knefels
Megan Erickson and Nikhil Goyal joins us on Radio Dispatch Live to discuss revolutionary approaches to education policy.
Kade Crockford of the Massachusetts ACLU joins us to discuss the privacy battle between Apple and the FBI, a Black Lives Matter activist interrupts Hillary Clinton to challenge her on mass incarceration.
Trump's supporters are terrifyingly and explicitly racist, gaming out a Trump versus Clinton general election, and listener mail.
The US promise to accept 10,000 Syrians this year is off to a slow start, and listener mail.
Frontline's Marcela Gaviria joins us to discuss her new documentary “Chasing Heroin,” the Office of Civil Rights in the DOJ opens an investigation into Success Academy, and the US is in a proxy war with itself in northern Syria.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the financial regulation ideas put forward by Clinton and Sanders, and listener mail.
Today we spend the hour catching up on way too much listener mail.
Eva Moskowitz responds to damning undercover video of a Success Academy teacher, Jeb Bush tweets a photo of a gun with his name on it, and listener mail.
The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could throw the entire country into chaos, Russia and the Assad regime bomb hospitals and schools in rebel-held areas of Syria, and listener mail with Molly.
An undercover video shows a teacher at Success Academy berating a first grader for an incorrect answer, and listener mail.
Sarah Kay joins us to discuss the continuing state of emergency in France, Kissinger takes center stage at the Democratic debate, and listener mail.
Mike Ludwig on fracking off the coast of California, more thoughts on Coates and Alexander on the Democratic primary, and the horror of Aleppo.
Seth Freed Wessler joins us to discuss the immigrants who died in private US prisons, and Sanders and Trump win New Hampshire primaries.
Evan Siegfried joins us to discuss the Republican primary, the rise of riot-control drones, and listener mail.
The New York Times' Walt Bogdanich joins us to discuss a new Frontline documentary on fantasy sports, Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright shame young women who support Bernie Sanders, and listener mail.
The future of micro-drones, and listener mail.
How charter schools are the new subprime loans, the incorrect narrative that Obama lost the Iraq war, and listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the statistical tie between Clinton and Sanders at the Iowa Caucus, and listener mail.
The Iowa caucuses just happened, get ready for another round of drone scares, and listener mail.
Matt Aikins and Pardiss Kebriaei join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss Yemen, Guantanamo, and 15 years of the war on terror.
Art Reyes joins us to discuss Flint's water crisis, the Trump-free debate, and listener mail.