We spend the hour on listener mail.
The most exciting activism at a recent drug reform conference, and listener mail about teaching.
John went to a surveillance conference for the third year straight, and listener mail about classroom management techniques.
White supremacists are suspected of shooting five black protesters in Minneapolis, and Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter Jet.
Natasha Lennard and Lukas Hermsmeier join us to discuss Germany’s treatment of refugees, and catching up on Trump and Rubio.
The FBI is tasked with preventing ISIS-inspired rampage shooting but not other gun violence, the media response to violence world wide, and listener mail.
Indiana’s governor attempts to block a Syrian family scheduled to be resettled in Indianapolis, and listener mail in response to Ali Gharib’s segment earlier this week.
The increasingly hawkish US press calls on Obama to intensify war against ISIS, anti-refugee historical parallels in the 20th Century, and listener mail.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the Paris attacks, and our thoughts on the anti-refugee aftermath.
The US enters a new phase in the war against ISIS, Boston looks to charterize 36 public schools, and listener mail. Today’s show was recorded before the attacks in Paris.
Ryan Schleeter on Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, the selective conservative defense of free speech, and listener mail.
Catching up on the GOP debate, and listener mail.
Dave Zirin joins us to discuss the protests at the University of Missouri, the Senate torture report is in a bizarre limbo, and listener mail.
The student protest at Mizzou forces top school two administrators to resign, and the ethics of media interacting with protesters.
MSF releases its investigation into the US bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, a tasteless Bronx is Burning party in the south Bronx, and listener mail.
Parker Molloy joins us to discuss a loss for trans rights in Houston, and the ethics of autonomous machines.
The continuing disgrace of family detention, the similarities between de Blasio and Bloomberg on school segregation, and listener mail.
Sarah Leonard and Atossa Abrahamian join us to discuss austerity, Greece, and buying and selling citizenship.
Will Potter joins us to discuss CMUs, otherwise known as Little Guantanamo Bay prisons, restarting negotiations on how to end the Syrian Civil War, and listener mail.
Frontline’s AC Thompson joins us to discuss his investigation into a string of murders in the 1980s that targeted Vietnamese-American journalists, and Success Academy’s “got to go” policy.
Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss Turkey’s crackdown on the press and leftists in advance of the election, the US releases Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo, and listener mail.