Jason Leopold joins us to discuss his latest stories on the CIA's internal torture report, Molly trolls herself with some exciting new thought-leaders, we finally deliver on the crap cannon, and listener mail.
John's latest story from Beirut on the LGBT Syrian refugees who often wait months or years for asylum in a third country, Cleveland police will no longer taser people's genitals at will, and listener mail.
John's first major story from Beirut examines the crisis of Syrians born in Lebanon without proper identification and the risks that statelessness carries, Ohio cop Michael Brelo is found not guilty after police shot and kill two unarmed African Americans, and listener mail.
Frontline's Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary on the Obama administration's response to the Syrian civil war, the NYT's decision to name CIA agents, and listener mail.
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the negotiated plea deal that will keep individual bankers out of jail despite admitting to felonies, the six cops involved in Freddie Gray's killing have been indicted, and listener mail.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss protest and corruption in Guatemala, five international banks plead guilty to felonies for rigging currency markets, and the president of Columbia doesn't shake Emma Sulkowicz's hand at graduation.
The increasingly revised history of the build up to the war on Iraq, restorative justice in NYC schools, and listener mail about creeping Sharia.
Obama plans to limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments, belated thoughts on the Tsarnaev death penalty sentence, and climate change is going to kill us all.
Frontline's Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new documentary on secrecy and torture, ISIS captures a key city in Iraq days after a US raid in Syria, and Obama will limit transfer of some military weapons to local police departments.
Families respond to Hillary Clinton's criticism of mass incarceration, Jeb Bush waffles on Iraq war, and Marco Rubio loves Taken.
Thoughts on Sy Hersh's blockbuster account of the untold story of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, a tech castle is the new epitome of ridiculousness, and listener mail.
John is back from Beirut, and listener mail.
Page May joins us to discuss the Chicago Torture reparations package, Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss the labor side of the Times' nail salon story, and Molly eagerly awaits John's return home.
David E. Hoffman joins us to discuss Fronline's upcoming documentary “The Trouble with Chicken.” Also, a listener joins us to discuss crowd funding top surgery, and the New York Times nail salon story has already lead the state to intervene.
John joins us from Beirut to discuss his visit to an art therapy program for teen refugees, the New York Times exposes the horrific costs of the mani/pedi industry, Molly is channeling Christian Slater, and listener mail.
Katharine Heller joins us for an impromptu Friday Funday to discuss bartending, storytelling, and New York's most notorious standardized tests. Also, rethinking “The Wire” after Baltimore's uprising, and listener mail.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss his two part story on 43 disappeared students in Mexico, and John skypes from Beirut after visiting a refugee camp near the Syrian border.
Ben Ramos joins us to discuss Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, John Oliver covers standardized testing better than most major newspapers, and listener mail.
Dan Edge joins us to discuss his new Frontline documentary Outbreak about the Ebola crisis, John skypes in from Beruit, and the 6 officers involved in Freddie Gray's death have been indicted in Baltimore.
Bill de Blasio tells New York protesters to listen to the police, the second prisoner in the Freddie Gray van speaks out, David Brooks' getting worse is like a perpetual motion machine, and listener mail.
New York City takes to the streets in solidarity with Baltimore, Baltimore police claim that Freddie Gray injured himself, and we're joined by Jesse Myerson to discuss it all.