Todd Miller joins us to discuss the Israeli border security company helping to up-armor the border between the US and Mexico, the US government has begun classifying virtually every element of Afghan reconstruction, and listener mail with Molly from the past.
Maysoon Zayid joins us to discuss Palestine's move to join the International Criminal Court, the myth of terrorist safe havens, Jonathan Chait has been silenced by being given a huge platform, and listener mail.
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss President Obama's economic policies as laid out in his State of the Union, the FBI disrupts a Russian spy ring, and former CIA operative Jeffrey Sterling is found guilty of espionage, and listener mail.
How to fix America's broken juvenile justice system, plus more thoughts on what the Sheldon Silver arrest means for New York's public schools.
Yemen descends into chaos, Lindy West says Billy Crystal is wrong about Hollywood, and a horrifying story in the New York Times about animal experimentation.
Cuomo's terrible education agenda, Darren Wilson won't face charges from DOJ, Sheldon Silver is arrested by the feds on corruption charges, and the new Senate Intelligence Committee chairman wants the torture report back.
Alex Pareene joins us to discuss President Obama's state of the union speech, and we take a look at some of the policies Obama laid out.
Reflections on James Risen's Pay Any Price, MLK day at after school, and Gov Cuomo says he wants to raise the minimum wage in New York.
Racial justice and civil rights activist Linda Sarsour and Vince Warren, the executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, join us for what might be our best Radio Dispatch live ever. We discuss Muslim surveillance, Black Lives Matter, and the aftermath of the Paris shooting.
An Ohio man is arrested under dubious circumstances after allegedly threatening to attack the US capitol, a report argues that requiring kindergarteners to read is harmful, and listener mail.
The Oscar nominations are so white it hurts, a terrifying number of men say they would rape someone, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss President Obama's proposal to offer two years of free community college to some students, and French authorities arrest an offensive comedian after an offensive facebook post.
Phillip Anderson joins us to discuss the candidate running for Michael Grim's seat in Staten Island, Joe Scarborough is outraged at a BBC journalist for invoking the suffering of Palestinians, and listener mail.
Over a million people march in France following the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, new reports suggest former top general David Petraeus could face criminal charges for leaking classified information, and listener mail.
Bill Maher and Don Lemon channel the worst in punditry, NYC courts get quiet following the NYPD work slowdown, and listener mail and tweets.
Cartoonist Susie Cagle joins us to discuss the shooting at the office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the drone rules in Afghanistan stay the same despite the formal end of the war, and free speech is under attack in the US following the shooting of two NYPD officers.
An attack at a satirical newspaper in Paris leaves 12 dead, an attack on an NAACP building in Colorado luckily doesn't kill anybody, and listener mail.
More thoughts on what the formal end of the US war in Afghanistan does and doesn't mean, NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton says Broken Windows is good policy despite recent evidence to the contrary, and listener mail from the break.
Frontline's Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his latest documentary on the NRA and gun violence in America. Also, it's been a weird few weeks for the NYPD, and the war in Afghanistan kind of ended.
Revisiting our amazing interview with Maya Schenwar on her new book Locked Down, Locked Out, on why prisons don't work. Also, listener mail.
We revisit our amazing interview with Ayesha Siddiqi on Kanye West, and spend a bunch of time on listener mail.
We celebrate the New Year by re-airing part 2 of our live show with Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux, and reading listener mail.