Sarah Leonard joins us to discuss the rise of the left-wing Syriza in Greece, three men are arrested in Brooklyn for allegedly attempting to join ISIS, and listener mail.
The dangers of using the word muscular to describe pro-war foreign policies, Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to NYC public schools, and listener mail.
Naureen Shah joins us to discuss the flaws in Obama's countering violent extremism summit, the bizarre backstory of a GamerGate figure, and listener mail.
Josh Eidelson joins us to discuss the almost-union at Volkswagen's plant in Tennessee, DHS head warns shoppers at the Mall of America to be extra safe, and the Oscars are super weird.
Cops continue a decades-long practice of surveilling and harassing methadone patients outside their clinics, and why feelings journalism must end.
A cop brings torture techniques from Chicago to Guantanamo, additional thoughts on Kanye West courtesy of Arthur Chu, and listener mail.
The US announces new rules to allow armed drone exports, a cis-gender woman argues that women's colleges are under attack by trans rights, and listener mail.
NYC charter school policy violates state and federal law, Beauty and the Beast, and listener mail.
Molly Crabapple joins us to discuss her latest series of sketches from an ISIS-controlled city in northern Iraq, an ISIS affiliate in Libya executes 21 Coptic Christians, and listener mail.
Sarah Jeong joins us to discuss the recently concluded Silk Road trial, night raids surge in Afghanistan, David Carr is dead at 58, and listener mail.
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the latest accusations against international bank HSBC, Obama calls for another limitless war, and listener mail.
Ayesha Siddiqi joins us to discuss the killing of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, by a white self-described anti-theist. Also, US lawmakers desperately want to send lethal arms to Ukraine, and listener mail.
Mychal Denzel Smith is back to discuss what's wrong about the ways people hate Kanye West and Marshawn Lynch. Also, Better Call Saul starts off strong, an essay from a writer with autism on the anti-vaccine movement, and listener mail.
Obama lays out his new national security agenda, and a ton of listener mail.
Phillip Anderson joins us to discuss the fallout after Sheldon Silver's indictment on corruption charges, fewer graduates are joining Teach for America, and listener mail. Also, a huge announcement from the land of Radio Dispatch.
News presenter Brian Williams lied for years about being in a helicopter that had been shot down in Iraq, what the new nominee for Secretary of Defense might mean for Guantanamo, and listener mail.
Nick Pinto joins us to discuss his Rolling Stone story on the Albuquerque Police Department's violent history, what does the collective revulsion at ISIS's latest execution say about the US, and listener mail.
Arun Kundnani joins us to discuss the response in Europe to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Chris Christie's hypocrisy on public health, and listener mail.
Cora Currier joins us to discuss attempts in St Paul and Minneapolis to use community outreach programs to spy on Muslim communities, anti-vaccine parents will be the death of us all, and a bunch of listener mail.
Jeff Abbott joins us from Guatemala to discuss the Central American Free Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Bratton announces the formation of a new NYPD unit that equates protest with terrorism, and listener mail.