Ryan Schleeter joins us to talk about the intersection of the environment and social justice, checking in on the migrant crisis in Europe, and homelessness amongst NYC students is at an all time high.
The journalist who Donald Trump kicked out of a press conference was Univision host Jorge Ramos, a horrific shooting in Virginia on live television, and listener mail from great friend of the show Hocine on the protests in Beirut.
It’s our first show without a guest all month, so John and Molly can catch up on the news. Also, there’s always more listener mail!
David Banks joins us to discuss the Atlantic’s tired, tired cover story on supposedly coddled college students and why everyone is wrong. Also, catching up on all the news we missed last week, and listener mail.
Justin Tyme joins us to discuss his project “I Wore Lipstick,” which invites people of all genders to share their stories and experiences with makeup. Also, our belated conversation about marking the year since the US started war with ISIS.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates’ immigration policies, as well as the sociopolitical, economic, and environmental reasons for migration. Also, it’s been a year since the war on ISIS began.
Michelle Chen joins us to discuss how childcare and early childhood education workers are undervalued and underpaid. Also, Netflix workers get selective parental leave, and listener mail.
Parker Marie Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner, inclusive language around reproductive rights, and what happened with the journalist who wrote the disturbing Dr. V story. Also, a super belated venting about Trump, and listener mail.
Anna Lekas Miller on the Lebanese diaspora, mixed identity as identity, and the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. Also, Molly is channeling her inner beach bum, and listener mail.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss why politicians are not our friends, a beautiful Guardian essay on how the victors are the authors of history, and listener mail.
Sarah Jeong joins us to discuss her new book The Internet of Garbage, tech, law, and Lenny Kravitz. Also, so much listener mail.
Sarah Leonard joins us to discuss the debt crisis in Greece, why austerity doesn’t work but won’t die, and how Greeks are showing solidarity with one another. Also, listener mail.
Kambri Crews on her community space in Astoria Queens offering “after-school for grown ups,” This American Life takes on school segregation, and listener mail.
Emily Schorr Lesnick joins us to discuss diversity in comedy, talking about racism as a white person, and teaching anti-racism to youth. Also, protests in Ferguson on the year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown, and listener mail.
Josh Eidelson joins us to discuss where unions stand so far in the presidential race, Molly has an essay on sports, of all things, up at the Toast, and de Blasio starts a new effort to address homelessness in New York City.
Will Potter joins us to discuss the recent decision ruling Idaho’s AgGag laws unconstitutional, a teacher sues New York State over value added evaluation methods, and Molly watched some of the Kids Table debate before we started recording.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss Amnesty’s new recommendations to support the human rights of sex workers, and the celebrity backlash against it. Also, John’s last story from Beirut about art therapy for refugee children, a teacher sues New York State over the teacher evaluation system, and the NYPD releases a video about drugs that isn’t about the drugs it says it was about.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss attacks on Planned Parenthood and abortion access in Texas and across the country, the NYPD asks a woman who was sexually assaulted if she was a “party girl,” and Peak Chait comes to us in a debate about office air-conditioning.
Chepe joins us to discuss reform versus revolution, connecting social movement in the United States to movements in other Western countries, and when to be skeptical of police reform. Also, John’s got a new hussle, and listener mail.
Collier Meyerson and Ned Resnikoff join us for the live show.
A federal judge says the US can continue to hold an accused Taliban member at Guantanamo, NYC millionaires donate millions for ed reform, and Molly has an announcement.