Bryce Covert and Sarah Jaffe join us for our live show to discuss the fight for a living wage, the uprisings in Baltimore and Ferguson, and what Nixon had to say about a universal basic income.
Residents of Baltimore take to the streets to protest the police killing of Freddie Gray, and Molly’s new story on how incarcerated youth are denied an education.
Parker Molloy joins us to discuss Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner, protests continue in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, and a US drone strike kills two Western hostages held by Al Qaeda.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss how to cope when liberals get angry about protests inconveniencing them, Saudi halts and then resumes its bombing of Yemen, and listener mail.
Germany’s role at the center of the US drone campaigns, and listener mail.
Gideon Oliver joins us to discuss policing in de Blasio’s New York, Jonathan Chait has no idea how charter schools work, and listener mail.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss how a tech start up appears to be helping cops investigate sex workers, the cop who shot Rekia Boyd is found not guilty, and listener mail.
The US State Department approves a one billion dollar arms sale to Pakistan, examining a study that finds black and Latino students have lower rated teachers, and listener mail.
NY Mag asks what is the Bronx, diversity in media matters for a whole host of reasons, and US officials have begun describing the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen as a disaster.
Officials from Iraq and Saudi Arabia spar over the bombing of Yemen, protests nationwide on fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter, and a listener blog keeping Pride queer.
The new AUMF has died in Congress, thoughts on public shaming, and listener mail.
Four former Blackwater contractors are sentenced to lengthy prison terms, and listener mail about our ethics in media debate.
The Staten Island DA’s office continues to mess with the man who filmed Eric Garner’s death, an Oklahoma reserve deputy shoots and kills a black man, and listener mail about accents.
Analyzing media coverage of the shooting of Walter Scott, and the practice of listing the criminal history of black victims of police violence.
Micah Uetricht joins us to discuss Rahm Emanuel’s reelection as Chicago mayor, Dzhokar Tsarnaev is found guilty on all 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombing trial, and listener mail.
A white police officer is facing murder charges after shooting and killing an unarmed black man and falsifying his report on the incident, the US is accelerating weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia, and listener mail.
Sarah Macaraeg joins us to discuss her report on Chicago cops mischaracterizing police-involved fatal shootings, a horrifying close look at Success Academy in the NYT, and thoughts on the report on the Rolling Stone UVA story.
Safa al Ahmad joins us to discuss her documentary on the Houthi movement in Yemen and the continuing political unrest, John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden, and listener mail.
Flint Taylor joins us to discuss the history of Chicago Police abuses, the US and Iran reach a preliminary nuclear deal, al Shabab kills 147 students in Kenya, and listener mail.
The increasing criminalization of people who can get pregnant, US-backed Saudi strikes in Yemen may amount to violations of the laws of war, and listener mail.
Lynne Rosenberg joins us to discuss horrible casting notices, the continuing controversy over Trevor Noah, and an NPR-hosted debate about the president’s powers leaves John frustrated.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss the environmental impacts of the TPP, New York State will not tax the purchase of private planes, and Saudi-led airstrikes kill 40 civilians in a refugee camp in Yemen.