We air part 2 of Radio Dispatch Live with Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux, where we discuss the history of the anti-war movement, Ryan’s time in Ferguson, and Jeremy’s adventures at the Oscar’s. Also, the discipline regime at charter schools is terrifying.
Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux join us for the latest Radio Dispatch Live, maybe our best one yet. In part 1, we discuss government watchlists, the roots of the war in Syria and Iraq, and why Yemen and Somalia aren’t foreign policy success stories.
Checking in on the tragic police shooting of John Crawford, ESPN suspends Bill Simmons for longer than the NFL suspended Ray Rice, and the White House says it won’t send any ISIS prisoners to Guantanamo Bay.
Guy Schaffer joins us to discuss the climate march and broader issues related to the changing environment, and Obama addresses the UN General Assembly.
Nick Pinto joins us to discuss Monday’s climate action Flood Wall Street, the US begins bombing ISIS targets and others in Syria, and a trans listener writes to us about their experience with bigotry.
One day after the gigantic People’s Climate March, organizers plan direct action protests on Wall Street. Also, Molly is back in the studio, and listener mail.
Jason Leopold joins us to discuss a recently released CIA memo authorizing the killing of US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, and Molly calls in with more thoughts on the NFL.
Bryce Covert of ThinkProgress joins us to discuss the continuing gender wage gap and organizing among low-wage workers, the House of Representatives votes to approve funding for Syrian rebels, and a literal ton of listener mail.
Peter Hart joins us to discuss the media’s coverage of ISIS and Obama’s expansion of the war, Molly phones in to discuss Adrian Peterson, and listener tweets.
GoFundMe disallows a woman trying to raise money for an abortion, and a Missouri lawmaker is suing because the ACA allows his daughters access to birth control.
Actor and playwright Susan-Jane Harrison joins us to discuss her new solo show and a brief history of women in theater, and a bunch of listener mail.
Raven Rakia joins us to discuss generational divides in Ferguson, and a bunch of listener mail.
Greg Basta joins us to discuss the key takeaways from the Zephyr Teachout campaign against Gov Andrew Cuomo, Obama addresses the country and announces he’ll expand the war against ISIS to Syria, and listener mail.
Jessica Luther on gendered violence in sports, Zephyr Teachout’s amazing and unlikely showing in the New York Democratic primary, and Obama says he doesn’t need Congress’ authorization to expand his war on ISIS.
The White House responds to the Ravens firing Ray Rice after video of him hitting his then-fiance is released, majority of US public now believes ISIS sleeper cells threaten Americans, and listener mail.
How Kabul is changing as the US occupation winds down, Obama says US may fight ISIS for next three years, BDB is shipping homeless people out of buses, and listener mail.
Reactions to some progressive critiques of Joan Rivers’ politics, Politico runs a Greenwald hit piece, and an almost-jihadist on the US values that drove him to fight.
It’s the first day of school and we’ve got education policy to discuss, a high ranking counter-terrorism official walks back the ISIS threat, and heroin rates are increasing in NYC.
A NYT op-ed on why Pre-K is good but not enough, school discipline guidelines in NYC will remain the same, and ISIS beheads another American journalist.
The recent leak of private nude photographs is the latest attempt to remind women they are always vulnerable, the US conducts a drone strike in Somalia, and judging by the weather summer has just begun.
A US citizen dies fighting in Syria and reignites the debate on radicalization, and Bratton feuds with the New York City police union.
For today’s special Labor Day episode, we devote the hour – more or less – to listener mail we’ve been neglecting for too long.