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We celebrate the day after Thanksgiving by re-airing our interview with Chepe in which we discuss alternatives to policing. Also, listener mail.
Celebrate Thanksgiving with us by enjoying our previously aired interview with Daliya Karnofsky, as well as a bunch of listener mail.
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss the grand jury's lack of indictment in Ferguson, and thoughts on the protests, Darren Wilson's testimony, and the district attorney's speech.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is resigning amid scrutiny on Obama's national security team, Rudy Guiliani's rampant racism on Meet the Press, and listener mail.
We spend the hour getting inside the largest physical security convention in the northeast.
The Senate fails to pass a bill meant to reform the NSA, a rapper's album may send him to jail, the media gets very navel-gazey about Ben Smith's reporting on Uber, and Mike Nichols has died at 83.
A personal essay from journalist Gregory Johnsen about narrowly escaping a kidnapping in Yemen, thousands of Pakistanis flee into Afghanistan, and a bunch of listener mail.
Bryce Covert on mid-term minimum wage referenda, an Uber executive suggests conducting a smear campaign against a journalist, and ignoring accusations of rape until a man makes them.
Frontline's Marcela Gaviria joins us to discuss their latest documentary examining the relationship between US tire manufacturer Firestone and notorious warlord Charles Taylor. Also, more federal agencies than ever are using undercover agents, and listener mail.
Teachers respond to Time Magazine's anti-teacher cover, US officials engage in double speak at the UN convention against torture, and listener mail.
Sharda Sekaran on the recent marijuana referenda, the UN reviews the US record on torture, and the merits of inviting a member of the KKK on cable.
Who judges the judges, why innocent people take plea deals, and listener mail about musicals.
How the FBI ensnares people in terrorism cases with charges of lying, and Piers Morgan and Andrew Sullivan are feeling delightfully entitled.
A proposed rehab center for ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees in Yemen is making little progress, gendered toys for children, and listener mail.
Looking at why white women didn't vote for Wendy Davis, what a new AUMF might mean for US foreign policy, and listener mail.
Ron Krasnow on his cancer diagnosis and dealing with it with comedy, a Guantanamo prisoner is sent back to Kuwait, and more thoughts on the midterm election.
Alexandra Tempus joins us to discuss the increasing effects of climate change, and thoughts on the terrible mid-term elections.
Part Two of Radio Dispatch Live 4 year anniversary show. Our guests are Natasha Lennard, Kade Crockford, and Ali Gharib.
Today we air part 1 of Radio Dispatch Live four year anniversary extravaganza. Our guests are Melissa Gira Grant, Mychal Denzel Smith, and Chepe.
Maya Schenwar joins us to discuss her new book, Locked Down, Locked Out, about why prisons don't work and better alternatives to incarceration. Also, updates on Success Academy, Gideon's Army at Guantanamo, and listener mail.