The Knefels
The problems with data-driven journalism, first graders weigh in on liking stories with protagonists of a different gender, and a bunch of listener mail.
Ayesha Siddiqi and Mychal Denzel Smith join us for the live show to discuss race, white supremacy, and of course Kim and Kanye.
Obama embraces some initial NSA reforms, Hobby Lobby's case for denying contraception, Molly's students defend their beliefs in a debate prep, and a bunch of listener mail.
Closing arguments in Abu Ghaith, the accused al Qaeda spokesperson and Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, RAINN misses the mark on rape culture, and listener mail.
Meredith Clark joins us to discuss the outcomes of two high-profile military sexual assault cases, as well as Paul Ryan's hometown listening tour, and nationwide data from the Office of Civil Rights on discrimination in school. Also, listener mail on encryption and more.
A Guantanamo detainee who has never been charged makes his case for freedom, charter schools and the illusion of choice, and listener mail.
Abu Ghaith takes the stand as a surprise witness in the federal case against him, and status offenses can land kids in juvie for things that aren't actually crimes.
The NSA has a program that allows it to record every call in a foreign country and listen up to a month later, Putin signs a treaty that annexes Crimea, and people in the Renaissance were afraid of a breakdown in the strict gender binary.
Katie Klabusich on being a clinic escort and dealing with hostile pro-lifers, reaction to seeing a lecture by Fredric Jameson, the family of Jateik Reed goes to trial in The Bronx, and Putin signs a treaty to annex Crimea.
New media outlet stars Nate Silver and Ezra Klein's bad hiring practices, and so much listener mail. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Importance of lecture classes 13:30 Lack of diversity in new big media platforms 47:25 Listener mail 58:36 “Boys” Sky Ferreira / Credits 59:42 Finish Ezra Klein Nate Silver Listener Mail
We spend the hour on the politics of Twitter being a public space.
A Guantanamo review board keeps a detainee in indefinite detention as another detainee is transferred to Algeria, the White House withheld 9,000 documents from the Senate Intelligence committee, Verso books had a launch party, and listener mail.
Rachel Boynton joins us to discuss her new film Big Men, which explores the dynamics of oil companies drilling off the coast of West Africa. Also, Diane Feinstein accuses the CIA of criminal acts, and Molly's new essay on Mean Girls.
Edward Snowden makes a public address at the South By Southwest festival, and what we talk about when we talk about Snowden.
Greg Basta on the NYC battle between charter schools and public schools, the US government is planning a system to monitor 5 million federal workers to prevent leaks, and listener mail.
The plot thickens in the continuing fight between the CIA and the Senate Intelligence committee, a listener shares their thoughts on our discussion of drag and trans appropriation, and more listener mail.
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith goes on trial in lower Manhattan for material support of Al Qaeda, a Gawker letter from death row sparks an important conversation, and thoughts on RT and US media.
NYC mayor Bill de Blasio backs public schools over pressure from Charter school activists, the CIA has reportedly spied on the Senate Intelligence committee, and catching up on listener mail.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us for the hour to discuss her forthcoming book Playing the Whore, the work of sex work. Also, updates on Ukraine, and RuPaul's drag race is back.
Attempting to understand the crisis in Ukraine, highs and lows of the Oscars, and Molly is back from vacation.
Kiera Feldman joins us to discuss her report on sexual assault at God's Harvard, more details on the American the Obama administration is considering killing with a drone, and so much listener mail.