The Knefels
Israel has bombed another school in Gaza, Rashid Khalidi on collective punishment in Gaza, and a bunch of listener mail.
Markus Harwood-Jones on his new film about trans communities throughout the US and Canada, Michelle Goldberg's unfortunate New Yorker piece about TERFs, and catching up on listener mail.
Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his latest Frontline documentary on the US occupation of Iraq, a new human rights report says journalists and attorneys' rights are put in danger by mass surveillance, and a new GOP representative confuses two US officials with representatives from the Indian government.
It's our latest edition of Radio Dispatch LIVE. Our guests on today's show are MSNBC's Irin Carmon and Aram Schvey from the Center of Reproductive Rights. We spend the hour on the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby decision, and what it means for people's access to contraception.
The Intercept publishes the government's guidelines for including a person on one of any number of watchlists, Israel bombed a UN school and killed at least 15 Palestinians, and why every kid should get a trophy.
Our continued coverage of Israel's assault on Gaza, the NYPD kills a man with a chokehold, and a luxury apartment building in Manhattan has a separate entrance for poor people.
We discuss an essay on Jacobin titled “Why I'm not a liberal,” and replay an interview with Amnesty International's Donatella Rovera in Iraq.
We spend the hour on Janet Mock's memoir Redefining Realness, the latest entry in our Radio Dispatch book club.
Israeli Defense Forces begin a ground invasion of Gaza, the geopolitical implications of the downed Malaysia passenger jet, an open question of how to cope with all this news, and listener mail.
The US media is a spectacular failure when it comes to covering Israel's attack on Gaza, refusing to answer questions about citizenship at border patrol checkpoints, and listener mail.
Robert Greenwald joins us to discuss the ten-year anniversary of his film OutFoxed, the FBI treated two terrorism investigations very differently, and friend-of-the-show Melissa Gira Grant says there's no such thing as a slut.
Rania Khalek joins us to discuss Israel's continued bombing of Gaza, the military commissions system just got a lot more confusing, and Paul F Tompkins on sexism in movies.
A new report details unthinkable brutality at Rikers jail in New York City, Israel continues to bomb the Gaza Strip, and people who say they're not interested in politics despite clearly being interested in politics. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 World Cup, Icing bros 23:00 People who say they hate politics 40:06 Guards abusing inmates at Riker's 55:00 Israel's bombing of Gaza 57:50 “The Politics of Starving” Against Me! / Credits 59:01 Finish Bombing of Gaza Rikers Island
The growing humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the United States, the NSA was previously informed about the GCHQ's decision to smash up the Guardian's computers, and listener mail.
Anna Lekas Miller on Israel's assault on Gaza, a Virginia prosecutor wants to photograph a seventeen year boy's genitals genitals, and listener mail.
The NSA has spied on prominent Muslim-American leaders, the Supreme Court says Wheaton college is temporarily exempt from contraception requirements in the ACA, and listener mail on free speech zones.
Faiza Patel joins us to discuss the Washington Post's latest NSA story, Molly's new story on jury nullification, and our mom writes in to tell us she didn't replace Molly's goldfish.
Maysoon Zayid joins us to discuss the beating of an American teen by Israeli defense forces, the Washington Post finds that nine out of 10 people the NSA collects information about are innocent bystanders, and Anthony Cumia gets fired after going on a racist Twitter tirade.
Donatella Rovera joins us from northern Iraq to talk about what she's witnessed in the towns she's visited, and a listener mail about Eat Pray Love.
To celebrate this Fourth of July, we re-air an interview with Melissa Gira Grant on her amazing book Playing the Whore. Also, the NSA is authorized to spy on all but four countries.
Alex Kane on Israel's response to three dead Israeli teenagers, there are already court cases in the works that could expand the Hobby Lobby decision, and the US loses a heartbreaker to Belgium.
Sheila Bapat joins us to discuss the Supreme Court's decision in Harris v Quinn, the Pakistani military's operation in North Waziristan, and various stories from an MRA conference.
The Supreme Court rules in Hobby Lobby's favor and deals a blow to contraception access, a new report shows that a Blackwater employee threatened to kill a State Department employee, and listener mail.