The Knefels
More thoughts on the foreign policy aspects of the State of the Union, The Nation publishes a piece calling Twitter feminism toxic, and listener mail about cats.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss Pete Seeger's communism, our reaction to the State of the Union address, and Molly threatens to throw John off a balcony.
Colin Kennedy on Pete Seeger, who died at 94, the billionaire who compared Occupy to Kristallnacht apologies, kind of, and a bunch of listener mail.
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discruss rap and race at the Grammys, Sen Chuck Schumer is proposing a new law named after Avonte Oquendo, and listener mail.
Our latest live show, with Rachel Reid and Anand Gopal, both of whom have lived in Afghanistan and worked on issues surrounding the country for years. We learn about the surprising movie that the Taliban's young men love, we sing happy birthday to Melissa Gira Grant, and our mom was there. Do not miss this show.
Richard Sherman dismantles everybody who has been calling him a thug, new statistics on the growing proportion of children of color in the United States, an NSA watchdog group has determined the spying dragnet is illegal, and listener mail.
Bill Simmons of Grantland responds to criticism of the Dr V story, the first scene in Frenemy of the State, and listener mail from someone whose spouse wrote in yesterday.
More thoughts on the Grantland article, Richard Sherman's awesome post-game interview, and a bunch of listener mail.
Parker Marie Molloy joins us to discuss the transphobic, irresponsible Grantland article that has generated a huge backlash in the trans community, and Abbie Treis on those who supported the article on Twitter.
The Departments of Justice and Education released documents to curb discrimination in school discipline, the disturbing trend of prosecutors using rap lyrics in criminal cases, and listener mail about dogecoin.
A GOP candidate says marital rape isn't a real thing, a Congressional committee is restricting the president's ability to move the drone program from CIA to DoD, and listener mail on robots, of course.
Alexandra Tempus on climate change in 2014, Obama's review panel addresses the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Molly's favorite discussion to have with her students.
Bill Keller's condescending response to the backlash against his Lisa Adams column, a male reddit user lasts two hours posing as a woman on OKCupid, and a bunch of listener mail.
Bill and Emma Keller write twin columns criticizing Lisa Adams for tweeting her cancer treatment, thoughts on online harassment, a listener yells at us for bad-mouthing zoos, and another friend of the show was on the television.
Maddow puts on her sleuth hat and looks at the Christie bridge scandal, a Yemeni held at Guantanamo is cleared for transfer, and listener mail on amplifying other people's voices.
Razan Ghazzawi joins us to discuss the on-the-ground realities in Syria, the Obama administration has pledged to investigate the drone strike that killed 12 people in Yemen, and more listener mail on self-identification.
Friend of the show Jesse Myerson makes the TV rounds and does quite well for himself, Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera make an appearance on Katie Couric's show, two movie scenes, and listener pushback pushback.
Thoughts on a major story about online harassment of women, the activists who stole FBI files come out of the shadows, and listener mail pushing back on us.
Molly's first piece for Al Jazeera America on juvenile incarceration, the FBI formally changes its primary mission from law enforcement to national security, and Clapper's lawyer's ridiculous letter to the New York Times.
David Brooks writes about smoking weed as a young man, a round-up of the 11 Guantanamo transfers since August, and a progressive white woman denies her whiteness and identifies as green. Also, listener mail on dismantling trans* hierarchies.
We're back from vacation with an all new Radio Dispatch, talking about the NYT & the Guardian calling for clemency for Edward Snowden, and a bunch of listener mail.
On our last day of our break, we re-air our Radio Dispatch book club on Michelle Alexander's groundbreaking book The New Jim Crow.
Today we re-air our live show from November, with excellent guests Sarah Jaffe and Josh Eidelson.