Nima Shirazi the continuing nuclear talks with Iran and what’s changed since last year, new Snowden documents show the GCHQ intercepted a huge amount of sexy webcam time, and listener mail.
Micah Uetricht joins us to discuss his new book on the Chicago teachers strike, Alex Pareene joins us to discuss Dealbook, the military plans to cut its forces to the lowest levels in a generation, and listener mail on zoos and other things.
Allison Kilkenny joins us to discuss giving up as the battle cry of the privileged, a new story at The Intercept shows how GCHQ has plans to run false flag operations and discredit enemies by posting disinformation about them, and anti-gay measures from Uganda to the US. Also, listener mail. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Day 2 of John talking 09:20 Allison Kilkenny on who gets to say I give up 28:14 New NSA docs 42:30 Anti-gay bill Uganda, Arizona 52:55 Listener mail 60:28 “Jaked on Green Beers” Alkaline Trio / Credits 61:41 Finish
Nona Willis Aronowitz on active shooter drills in schools, Colbert’s terrible interview with former General Stanley McCrystal, White House Down is hilarious, and listener mail.
Common Core standards are disastrous for students with disabilities, a NJ judge okay’s spying on Muslim communities, and listener mail.
A report from Human Rights Watch says a US drone strike may have violated the laws of war, and listeners write in about active shooter drills.
Arun Kundnani on Islamophobia and the domestic war on terror, Janet Mock goes on The Colbert Report and Piers Morgan shouts on Twitter, and some of listener mail on international Doritos.
Schools throughout the country are staging live action simulated school shootings, journalists who reported on Snowden’s documents are awarded the Polk Award, and an announcement about Hack My Heart.
Binge watching House of Cards, a mistrial on the murder charge in the Michael Dunn case, and more hold-ups at Guantanamo.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss a Massachusetts school district that began posting students’ test scores on the walls of the classroom, some thoughts on the Dunn trial, and we saw RoboCop.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss the militarization of the northern and southern borders of the United States, the Afghan government releases 65 prisoners the US wanted them to continue to hold, and a school in Massachusetts posted kindergarteners names and test scores in the classroom.
Jeff Sharlet on being gay in Russia, common core de-emphasizes the importance of reading fiction in elementary school, and more stories about Molly’s students.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the new article on the NSA’s role in drone strikes, Richard Cohen weighs in on Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen, and John’s story about rap lyrics as evidence.
The US is using metadata almost exclusively to determine targets in the drone program, the Obama administration is attempting to put another US citizen on the kill list, and more on feminist parenting.
What it means when we call girls “mean girls,” Guantanamo hearing for February is cancelled, and actually a bunch of listener mail, no joke.
Ned Resnikoff on Congress’ food stamp cuts and the increasing hunger crisis, and Janet Mock goes back on Piers Morgan’s show and takes him to school.
Seinfeld says he doesn’t care about diversity in comedy, Piers Morgan’s limited understanding of trans women, and the GCHQ uses Anonymous’ tactics against them.
More thoughts on the continuing Woody Allen / Dylan Farrow conversation, Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of heroin overdose, & listener mail twitter feminism.
Ayesha Siddiqi on blaming survivors of sexual abuse, listener Trevor Hultner sends in a field piece about Keystone XL protesters charged with a terrorism hoax, and Bruno Mars’ awesome halftime performance.
Kevin Gosztola joins us to discuss the NATO 3 trial, the ways the healthcare establishment fails trans patients, and listener mail.