Donald Sterling’s impolite racism, the Senate removes language that requires the White House to report on drone deaths, and listener mail.
Live from the Theorizing the Web 2014 after-party, today’s show is all about the Internet, hashtags, activism, and surveillance, recorded live at South 4th Bar and Grille in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein of Citizen Radio join us to discuss alternative media platforms, burning bridges, and of course Game of Thrones and cats with cones.
Cliven Bundy says some racists things following an armed stand-off with the federal government, the LA sheriff’s department used a drone to surveil Compton for nine days without resident’s knowledge.
MyNYPD twitter hashtag goes hilariously wrong after activists of all sorts post photos of police brutality, which we spend the hour on.
An appellate court rules that the government must release the legal memo that justified the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a new private school for babies opens in Manhattan, and listener mail.
Jacobin magazine responds to an anti-sex work column at the Nation, three drone strikes in three days in Yemen, and listener mail about password security and Heartbleed.
Snowden appears on Russian television to question President Putin about mass surveillance, Drag Race ends segment that sparked controversy, and listener mail.
Students against Peabody Coal join us to discuss their on-campus campaign, the NYPD commissioner announces the end of the Demographics Unit, and the continuing struggle to understand what Occupy was about.
The FBI turned a member of a defense team in the 9/11 trial into a confidential informant, the acting president in Ukraine threatens an “anti-terrorism operation” in the eastern part of the country, and listener mail.
The NSA reportedly exploited heartbleed for two years, Monica Jones convicted of manifestation of intent to prostitute, and listener mail.
Reactions to Colbert’s new job, and the NYT profiles American oligarchs who think they love Africa.
Colbert is the next host of the Late Show, federal judge dismisses the Awlaki family’s civil suit, and a bunch of listener mail.
Eric Holder’s new FBI guidelines could still allow religious profiling, students opt-out of tests as national awareness of common core grows, and Thomas Friedman’s terribly hockey metaphor is a checkmate slamdunk homerun.
The two stories of the Afghan election, a major breach in Internet security could leave millions vulnerable, and a silly Guardian op-ed on the benefits of straight-forward sexual advances.
Why do blog posts get to be considered wonderful civic dialogue while Twitter is maligned, Snowden says NSA spying on human rights organizations, and listener mail.
Katie Toth on a recent women in the media conference, Rick Perry won’t support prison rape elimination act regulations, and the CIA is clinging to its drone program.
The Senate intelligence committee votes to declassify parts of the torture report, a strange brand of reactionary liberalism pops up at The Nation, and listener mail.
Richard Sherman defends his friend the Eagles fired after they found alleged gang ties, and listener mail on the male gaze and gendered fashion trends.
A panel says the worst of climate change is yet to come, NSA admits to warrantless searches, kids debate the most contentious issues of the day, and a scoocher is under attack.
CIA misled Congress on torture program, NYT readers’ racist reaction to preschool-to-prison story, and listener mail.
The Wolf of Wall Street and portraying sexism without recreating sexism, a new example of affluenza, and studio changes here at Radio Dispatch.