Friday Funday is here, with new goof troop members Amber Nelson and Jake Young, as well as the returning Nick Maritato. The men agree that Ryan Gosling is the best – what do the ladies think??? Also, some of us are just about done with Facebook.
Obama is in bed with the banks, NYT's problem with false equivalences, and are white voters abandoning Obama sooner than they did with Clinton?
Troy Davis' execution and Richard Wright's Native Son, booing a gay soldier at GOP debate, and the war on workers continues by shifting the tax burden.
GOP threatens the Fed, Brit Hume wages class warfare, and DADT is done for. All that, plus Rick Santorum's Google problem isn't going anywhere.
Obama issues a bold plan – let's see if he sticks with it. Also, a HUGE installment of John & Molly Fix Your Life.
Adam Day, singer songwriter, and comedian Nick Maritato join us on today's Radio Dispatch. We also record our first outdoor segment with Jeff and Andrew, who John is with in Florida.
Henry Zebrowski and Ed Larson join us for an end-of-summer Friday Funday. Henry gets beaten up by a girl, Ed used to be hired muscle, and sometimes a man needs to be covered in powder. Also, John's girlfriend Charlotte guest hosts again!
Dan Wilbur of Better Book Titles is back to discuss his favorite summer reads, as well as books we loved as children, Young Adults (YA!), and actual young adults.
Ali Gharib, blogger for Think Progress, is back on the show to discuss the protests in Syria, mission creep in Libya, and Rick Perry's visible bloodlust. Also at the end of the show, Charlotte joins in for a discussion of music we loved growing up.
Friday Funday hits in a big way with Nick Maritato, Zach Broussard, and Danny Solomon stopping by to lament the end of Summer. Back to school memories, summer loves, and awkward junior high dance stories abound. Plus, a former GOP staffer refers to Republicans as a "cult".
The job number is zero, Obama backs down on smog regulation, and Gchat has changed the nature of discussion, according to lit mag n+1.
A storyteller at UCB confesses to rape, thinks it's funny, and we really don't, at all. And if you need some advice, we've got a nice long John and Molly Fix Your Life for your enjoyment.
BreakThru Radio takes over on Radio Dispatch. Matt DeMello, Jake Schnaidt, Thompson Davis – all BTR people – come by to talk Glenn Beck, MLK, and the ins-and-outs of the VMAs. All that, plus Obama takes it to the GOP.