Occupy Oakland solidarity march gets intense (and John was there for the whole thing), NY Gen Assembly sends $20K & 100 tents to support Occupy Oakland, and Injured Iraq Vet Scott Olsen shows signs of recovery.
Oakland Police Dept creates a warzone in the streets, what does the future hold for Occupy, and does the Occupy movement have a race problem?
Tape of Cornel West at the stop stop & frisk rally in Harlem, a round up of OWS activities, & a short story from author Maggie Sandford.
OWS fills the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hearing, and we have tape of it. Also, Mitt Romney has no idea how women’s bodies work, unsurprisingly.
Gov. Gary Johnson, Presidential candidate for the GOP, joins us on today’s show to discuss his party’s history of marginalizing working class people, gays, and people of color. Plus, tape from the rally outside District Attorney Cy Vance’s office to begin investigations into police misconduct, and our discussion of the let women die bill.
Occupy Wall Street holds a General Assembly meeting in Washington Square Park on Sunday night, we analyze Obama’s MLK speech, and Dr Pepper is only for men.
Today’s show is a round up of Occupy Wall Street’s Thursday evening events through Saturday night. John and Molly managed to both not get arrested and bring you the best on-the-ground coverage of Occupy Wall Street you’ll find anywhere.
Occupy Iowa spreads to 7 cities, Occupy Dallas stands its ground against the cops, and the GOP candidates suggest policies that would cripple the economy. All that, plus a new installment of John and Molly Fix Your Life.
Jesse Mulert of Occupy Seattle joins us to describe the OWS movement in that city, plus some tape of the General Assembly in NYC’s Washington Square Park. Also, Paul Krugman and Alan Greyson lend some mainstream support to OWS.
Eye witness account of the Occupy Wall Street Union march, class consciousness is coming to America, and Slate praises Sarah Palin for being a famewhore.
Singer/songwriter Mike Milazzo bangs out some tunes, Occupy Wall Street gets Jeff Mangum, and Sady Doyle on OWS’s prominence over Slutwalk.
Part II of our interview with Feministing’s Chloe Angyal, as well as Molly’s stories from Slut Walk and more news about the 700 arrests this weekend at Occupy Wall Street.
US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki has been assassinated, Occupy Wall Street issues demands, and Melissa Harris Perry offers a retort to her detractors. Plus, Chloe Angyal of Feministing is back for our favorite segment, That Time Of The Month!