Role of gender in OWS, Wikileaks wins journalism award in Australia, and the 13 Billion dollars the fed gave the banks in secret.
Allison Kilkenny on the militarization of police departments nationwide, and two stories about love, one from Maggie Ryan Sandford & one about a man named Jonah.
Fox News host calls pepper spray a food item, pepper spray cop is the Internet's new favorite meme, and Mitt Romney's anti-Obama ad is laughably dishonest.
UC Davis students shame the school's chancellor, the secret Wall Street memo from Speaker Boehner's former advisors, and the super committee fails and that's ok.
Molly's conversations w Father Punk, and John's 17 hours on the ground for OWS's day of action. More information at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Molly's conversations with Czech revolutionaries 27:13 John's long day covering OWS on November 17 59:07 Dry Lake - High Places / Credits 60:32 Finish Arms linked in morning 99 on Verizon building On BK Bridge
John gives his on-the-ground report of the raid of Liberty Square, aka Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning. That, plus the significance of the 18-mayor conference call Jean Quan recently mentioned.
Short hair on girls makes them unattractive & weird, apparently, NY Times fails multiple times in multiple ways, and Occupy round up from Oakland to Seattle back to NYC.
Danny Solomon, Nick Maritato, and Robert Dean join Radio Dispatch for a very special Goodbye Goof Troop. Danny's leaving for LA, and it turns out he's got a favorite Thanksgiving dish, with bacon.
Dan Feidt on the power of live-streaming in the Occupy movement, as well as our election round up from Maine, Mississippi, Arizona, and Ohio. Oh, and Herman Cain is a trainwreck.
Recapping the Tar Sands White House protest, Bank Transfer Day is a success, and Herman Cain's “lewd” behavior. Also, John and Molly really crap all over David Brooks.
Chris Hedges talks to us about why Goldman Sachs is so awful, Jon Stewart continues his dismal OWS coverage, & Mike Bloomberg tells Occupier to eat cake.
Ethan Buckner takes us inside OWS, Karen Finerman of CNBC's Fast Money tells us what's happening with MF Global, and Rick Perry's mental degeneration continues unabated.
Annie Jay, an organizer for Occupy Dubuque, joins us to talk about what Occupy in the heartland looks like. We also speak with UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty Magdalena Sepulveda about US and European austerity measures.