Jack Stuef, former editor at Wonkette, comes by to discuss the rules of satire, and some of the more fringe candidates he enjoyed writing about. Plus, lady arm wrestling, Libyan war is definitely illegal, and John Edward's life keeps getting worse.
Gawker's Hamilton Nolan joins us to talk NYT Op-Ed page, the laziness of framing revolutions through Twitter, and his favorite goofy trend piece. Also, the Rapture did really happen, Mitch Daniels vs furniture, and Obama's death blow to Palestinian statehood.
Alex Pareene of Salon is back to discuss Newt's meltdown, Herman Cain's unstoppability, and the always objectionable Washington Post Op-Ed page. If you're in the middle of a perp walk, your only escape is Radio Dispatch.
IMF (alleged) sex creep, OK Cupid boy's rocket blog (not good!), and Letters From the Editors, in which John and Molly answer letters written to their Iowan hometown paper. That screaming you hear is coming from inside your head – block it out with Radio Dispatch.
Feministing's newest editor Chloe Angyal returns to Radio Dispatch to talk slutwalks, HR3, and street harassment. Plus, a new segment called Current CNN Headlines.
Travis Irvine on Ron Paul's debate performance, Fashion Meets Finance meets barf, and the amazing disappearing Hillary Clinton.
Let's all start torturing again, let's release the digital head on a pike, and let's all praise Peter King for speaking on matters about which he has literally no knowledge. Also, it's teacher week and if you listen up maybe Michelle Obama will teach you how to dougie – but only because this is Radio Dispatch.
Bin Laden is dead – what to make of it, and what to make of it not. Plus a new segment of John and Molly Fix Your Life. That funny feeling in your stomach means it's time for Radio Dispatch.
Methtacular writer/star Steven Strafford takes us through the heady days of a meth addiction, birthers are still unconvinced that the American president is an American, and sluts are funnier than Stodgy White Olds.