The Knefels
Gay marriage is now a MUST in New York, will LGBT activists move to the GOP?, and a new John and Molly Fix Your Life segment, with our first actual letter. That's right, we are fixing the life of a Radio Dispatch listener. You could be next.
Ben Privot, founder of The Consensual Project, joins us to continue spreading his gospel of consent, and tells us that consent should be something sexy. Also, Dilbert creator Scott Adams is a real jerk who thinks societal restrictions keep men unhappy.
Friday Funday Number 2! Today we're joined by goof troop members: Zach Broussard, Zachary Sims, and Danny Solomon. We get to the bottom of the most annoying thing about OK Cupid, and answer the question Coney Island or Governor's Island? All that, plus our continuing Libya coverage. Today's show is all over the place!
Confidence man Troy Travis joins us to discuss ways to increase our presence in difficult situations. And Walmart is given permission to treat the ladyfolk differently, Obama's lawyers say Libya is illegal – Obama says suck a lemon, and there will be no more jobs for Americans.
NY State Senator says take this job and shove it, Pizza Cain is terrified of Muslims, and a new segment called Huff or US – is the headline from Huffington Post or US Weekly?
Our first Friday Funday with our goof troop: Nick Maritato, Neal Stastny, and Robert Dean. We all go back to 5th Grade and try to remember who we were, and also we get into sexting. Like always.
First-year teacher Meredith Klein breaks down Bloomberg's proposal to lay off 4,100 teachers, and also the joys of going on a field trip. Plus Huffpo thinks women should marry ugly men, and the war in Libya might have something to do with oil, unpredictably.
Chloe Angyal returns to get to the bottom of Weinergate, the politics of sexting, and an attack against abortion providers that's sweeping the southern states.
Comedian Lee Camp on a mission to disrupt the Koch brothers, Palin stands by her history, and our new favorite segment, Current CNN Headlines.
Gawker's Jim Newell on Mitt Romney's Twilight fandom, Peggy Noonan vs Maureen Dowd, and the joy of attacking those in power. Also, an explanation of the debt-ceiling, new healthcare developments, and Storm's mother speaks out.
Brad Liening reads from his recently published poetry collection We Are Doomed, and Dustin Luke Nelson and Jess Grover of InDigest discuss the ins and outs of running a literary magazine. Plus, another edition of John and Molly Fix Your Life.