The Knefels
Friday funday hits in full effect, with goof troop members Jared Logan, Zachary Sims, and Zach Broussard. From congresspeople in furry costumes to Playboys for teenagers, this one is mostly about sex.
Media reaction to Norway bombing was totally racist, Nafissatou Diallo – DSK's accuser – speaks out, and a new edition of Current Headlines on CNN.
Chloe Angyal relates an overheard men's bathroom conversation about big boobs, tells us about Rupert Murdoch's wife, and “looking gay” vs “looking straight”. Plus Obama's not-so-secret desire to cut entitlements to the most vulnerable Americans.
Goof troop old hats Nick Maritato and Neal Stastny come by today to discuss the efficacy of pie in the face, if/when we're doing Google+, and we're back to muggings, again!
Page One is a bad documentary, Assange's defense team offers up some damning quotes, and anther installment of John and Molly Fix Your Life – with a question about a significant other who thinks hamsters lay eggs.
Who gets blamed if the country defaults, can feminists diet, and will Rupert Murdock lose Fox News? We answer all these questions definitively, once and for all.
Friday funday with goof troop members Laura Yaz and Danny Solomon. Danny's appendix issues, Laura's mugging issues, and are women just giant babies??? The answer may shock you.
Salon's Justin Elliot tells us why we're not at war with Iran, Rick Perry's love of executions, and what the phrase Sharia Islam really means. Also, the unintended brilliant moment of Sex and the City.
Michele Bachmann sings the debt ceiling blues, the encroaching 4 day school week, & Frank Rich has some brutal words for Obama. Also, another listener has asked John and Molly to fix their life. We are only too happy to oblige.
Friday funday is back to talk engagement, the mystery of crawfish, and the even greater mystery of Shia LaBouf. We're joined by goof troop old hats Zachary Sims and Zach Broussard, as well as new goofer Alice Wetterlund.
DSK released, failure to raise debt ceiling will look like hell, the danger of progressive fables, and more. There's no such thing as left-over fireworks – and this is Radio Dispatch.
Welcome to Radio Dispatch. On today's show, we celebrate the 4th of July with a very special guest. Plus, Glenn Beck is off the air, Greece is in ruins, and Bristol Palin says something confusing, surprisingly!
Friday Funday with the Goof Troop! Marriage – would you? Culture – heard of it? Summer – how to win it? For the answers to these questions and more, listen to today's Radio Dispatch.