The Knefels
Molly is back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Stories from her trip, the hurricane she missed, and Matt McCarthy and Travis Irvine explain some conspiracy theories to us.
Gawker's Hamilton Nolan is back on the show to discuss the culture of gaffes, how the “re-civilize” Nivea ad could have gotten through an agency, and which part of Rick Perry is the most objectionable. Plus, John's girlfriend Charlotte fills in as super-special guest host! What happens when John and Charlotte try to fix some lives? Listen in to find out.
It's Friday Funday with goof troop members Zach Broussard and Zachary Sims. We also replay one of my favorite interviews we've ever done – it's with Vincent Shine (Danny Solomon), erotic calligrapher. Molly's still away, so John is freewheelin' on this one!
The Battle of Tripoli, the Verizon strike is over, and we talk with a baby born with a full-grown man's body. New co-host Colin Kennedy, who has previously been on to tell us facts about the lesser known presidents, helps out while Molly is away. Thanks to Dan Mirk for the Jeff the Baby tip.
Dan St. Germain, Mike Lawrence, and Danny Solomon join us for a special installment of Friday Funday, on Monday! Comedy road stories, topics that all of our parents hate, and more.
Rick Perry calls Ben Bernanke a traitor, Fred Karger beats Obama on his LGBT issues, and the incredible disappearing Ron Paul.
Michele Bachmann's submission theology explained, Rick Perry's Texas Miracle debunked, and Hilary Clinton would not have been any better than Barack Obama – it's a bad party, not a bad candidate.
On location at the Verizon wireless strike, Michele Bachmann on the nature of submission, and connecting the dots between London and Wall St. Plus a new installment of J&M Fix Your Life, with an update from a listener whose life we fixed.
Alex Pareene of on Rick Perry's bizarre front-runner status, Mitt Romney's “weirdness”, and another round of Who's More Objectionable. Plus, the stock market is a hooker says NY Post, and Diallo sues DSK.
We explain the S&P downgrade, look into Mitt Romney's abortion past, and interview Liz Hernandez Majumder, who just illegally traveled to Cuba.
Syria is going to hell, but America only wants inspiring stories out of the Middle East, Wall Street is on some kind of coke bender, swinging all over the place like an Austin Powers impersonator at a creepy sex party, and Beyonce won't call herself a feminist.
Fellow siblings Henry and Jackie Zebrowski join us for Friday funday. We talk about growing up funny to compensate for other shortcomings, and the horror of being on drugs at 6 Flags. Plus, the economy may be heading towards a double dip recession.
Congress passed a bill, we explain what it is, what it does, and how it could have been much better. Confused on what's been happening, and why it matters? This show will clear it up.
GDP numbers are in and they are bad (We explain why!), America slouches toward default, Diallo (DSK Maid) never said what you think she did. All that, plus a new installment of John & Molly Fix Your Life.