The NYPD has its own drone program, Saudis bought huge blocks of rooms at the Trump hotel, and Trump didn’t ruin HW’s funeral and thus got lots of credit for being reasonable.
YouTube thought that since I watched ContraPoints I’d love Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.
Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the spread of misinformation and memes in the wake of Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Democrats in her home state of Tennessee.
Aisling McCrea joins the show to discuss her recent article exploring the intellectual dishonesty and political abstraction of Dave Rubin and similar conservative YouTube talk shows.
The YouTube boxing championship was a dud of a draw between two content grubbing schmucks.
Paris Martineau joins the show to discuss the timeline of Alex Jones’ bans from Facebook and YouTube, why tech companies didn’t do it sooner, and the reasons why Jones was the perfect far right pariah.
It’s America’s birthday and we’re spending the hour talking about kids and internet privacy.    photo by EFF via Wikimedia Commons
Saying The Beatles is your favorite band seems like dubbing cake your favorite dessert. It’s the easiest, most universally acceptable answer to a universally difficult question.
Monica Anderson joins the show to discuss Pew’s recent survey of teenagers’ technology and social media habits.
Can’t find the right guitar video? Don’t fret. LOL. That’s a guitar joke. Guitars have frets. But seriously, we can help.
The YouTube star ending his daily videos is the best thing for him. Probably.
Buzzfeed’s Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the growing problem of Twitter hoaxes and misinformation in the wake of tragedies and shootings like the one at YouTube HQ on Tuesday.
The YouTuber tried to discuss school shootings with the senator, but they ended up just shooting their mouths off.
YouTube conspiracy theory-spreaders seem reluctant to defend their theories if challenged but eager when supported.
The vlogger hasn’t learned a thing.
Joe discusses YouTube’s newest punishment against vlogger Logan Paul and the question of relatability with YouTube stars.
The other Paul finally spoke about his brother, but didn’t say anything.