Benjamin Friedman returns to discuss domestic tumult's effect on foreign policy, how the U.S. can afford to start wars in the Middle East, and why the current administration shouldn't be trusted with wars.
John explains the bomb called Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan on Thursday, and the larger implications for the war escalations happening across the Middle East. Also, a look at the new “Raise the Age” bill in New York, and catching up on listener mail.
NYC stands up for trans students after Trump rolls back protections, a DREAMer is set to be deported after speaking with the media, the US carries out nearly two dozen drone strikes in Yemen, and checking in on good men and boys.
Mitch McConnell attempts to silence Elizabeth Warren, the lasting effects of the botched Yemen counter-terrorism raid, and DeVos is confirmed to head the Department of Education. Betsey Devos Photo credit: Via Wikimedia