The top AQAP commander is killed in a US air strike, Israel's weird video criticizing foreign media's coverage of Gaza, and listener mail.
Safa al Ahmad joins us to discuss her documentary on the Houthi movement in Yemen and the continuing political unrest, John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden, and listener mail.
The increasing criminalization of people who can get pregnant, US-backed Saudi strikes in Yemen may amount to violations of the laws of war, and listener mail.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss the environmental impacts of the TPP, New York State will not tax the purchase of private planes, and Saudi-led airstrikes kill 40 civilians in a refugee camp in Yemen.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss the differences between politics and feelings, Yemen draws ever closer to a proxy war, and listener mail.
The US pulls all its people out of Yemen as the security situation deteriorates, the Jinx is a totally wild documentary, and listener mail about tombstones.
Yemen descends into chaos, Lindy West says Billy Crystal is wrong about Hollywood, and a horrifying story in the New York Times about animal experimentation.